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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Snow Shoe Tours

Ikenotaira Visitor Center Snowshoe Tours

Snow shoes can be hired from Myoko Kogen Visitor Center at Imori Pond in Ikinotaira (closed Wednesday & Thursday). Snow shoe rental is 1,000 yen for the day. The visitor center also offers several snow shoe tours that will take you in the woodland areas around the lake and mountain to see the untouched winter scenes and wildlife. There are three courses that have been marked out with numbered sign posts so you easily find your way around the courses. You should allow 2 hours for each course. The courses are unguided and free to access. If you would like a guide for the tour a member of staff from the visitor center will guide you for the small fee of 300yen.

Snowshoe Courses
Overview of the three snowshoe course areas in Ikenotaira Onsen.

Squirrel Course
Squirrel Course

Squirrel Course - Easy

The squirrel course takes you through woodland areas and then into an open snowfield area. If you only want to take a short tour then there is a short cut that cuts the course in half. This course is mostly flat and suitable for people of all level.

Fox Course
Fox Course

Fox Course - Medium

The fox course takes you through some beautiful dense woodland areas. At the bottom of the course you loop round the fox pond before heading back up. The pond doesnt freeze so be careful not to walk on it. There are some uphill areas which makes this course a little tougher than the squirrel course.

Rabbit course
Rabbit Course

Rabbit Course

The rabbit course is the longest course and takes you up the ridge of Mt Myoko. There is an optional loop at the top of the course that you can take to get some great views of the surrounding mountains and area.

Naena Waterfall Tours

Naena Waterfall Snowshoe Tours

We are working with a local guiding company to offer one day snow show tours to Naena waterfall. This stunning area is a must see during the winter. The area is dangerous to hike to alone which is why we have put together this special tour package. Please head to the page below for full details and booking.