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Experience nature, culture and various activities by taking tours with an experienced local guide. These are activities that you could never experience with out a knowledgable guide. All of these tours have been carefully planned and arranged by the Myoko Kogen Tourist Office to give visitors a chance to experience the local culture and nature of Myoko.

Kimi-no-i Brewery Tour

All Year
Price: From 800Yen

Established in 1842 Kimi-no-i Shuzo sake brewery has over many years been the recipient of multiple gold awards at various national sake competitions.

Food Tour of Myoko

All Year
Price: From 11,300Yen

On this unique tour of the streets of Arai in Myoko, you can meet locals, and experience the traditional cuisine of the area.

Mt. Myoko Pilgrimage

July ~ October
Price: From 58,000Yen
You will retrace the paths taken by pilgrims of Mt. Myoko since ancient times, starting from Sekiyama Shrine.

Mt Myoko Hiking

July ~ October
Price: From 14,100Yen

Climb Mt Myoko with a local, professional guide to see the waterfalls, ponds, small shrines, and rocks that have made this a sacred path since ancient times.

Togakushi & Myoko Hiking

July ~ October
Price: From 12,500Yen
A one-day hike from Togakushi to Sasagamine in Myoko with a local, professional mountain guide.

Lake Nojiri Historia

May ~ November
Price: From 17,300Yen

Visit an island with a shrine dedicated to water worshipping, and the inlets and outlets of the local irrigation canals dating back to the 1600s.

Suginosawa Harukoma

May ~ October
Price: From 14,200Yen

The Harukoma (“spring horse”) song and dance of Suginosawa in Myoko City, is a traditional performance that has been passed down through the area’s generations for over 800 years.

Lake Nojiri E-Bike Tour

May ~ November
Price: From 13,700Yen
Experience the lifestyles and natural beauty of this region, as well as cooking on an irori hearth inside a traditional Japanese house.

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