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Kogen Taxi: 0255-86-3141 (Japanese only)

kogen taxi

Kogen taxi has been serving Myoko Kogen for over 50 years. They have a fleet of modern cars and can get to places that buses don’t run to. If you are with a group splitting the cost of a taxi can be a more cost-effective way of getting to some places. The staff at the taxi company don’t speak English but don’t worry it is still very easy to book a taxi. The best way is to ask at your hotel front desk and they can arrange the taxi for you. 

Please note that we can not book taxis for you via e-mail. If you walk in to the tourist office we can arrange a taxi for you.

Prices below are from Akakura onsen area unless stated. If you ride the taxi from a different location the price will be different. Please also be aware that the price is a guide and may change slightly due to time/distance etc.

Payment for taxis is cash only.

Medium Taxi

4 – 5 people

Large Taxi

9 people

These prices are from Myoko Kogen train station.

Sasagamine Naena Waterfall Imori Pond Sky Cable Akakura Onsen Daidohara Field Seki Onsen Tsubame Onsen
¥6,500 ¥3,000 ¥1,600 ¥1,600 ¥2,000 ¥2,000 ¥3,300 ¥4,200

Price List

These are rough prices when riding from Akakura Onsen.

Ski Resorts

Destination Medium Taxi Large taxi
Lotte Arai 9,800 13,600
Suginohara 3,400 4,700
Seki Onsen 5,400 7,600
Madarao 8,000 11,000
Tangram 6,400 8,900
Nozawa 18,600 25,800

Train Stations

Destination Medium Taxi Large taxi
Myoko Kogen
2,600 3,400
Joetsu Myoko 11,800 16,600
Kurohime Kogen 6,000 8,300
Nagano City 15,600 21,600


Destination Medium Taxi Large taxi
Takasago 2,800 3,700
Miyagawa 2,300 3,200


Destination Medium Taxi Large taxi
Myoko Hospital 2,700 3,600
Keinan Hospital 8,900 12,300


Destination Medium Taxi Large taxi
Narita 93,000 119,000
Haneda 80,000 102,000
Toyama 41,000 53,000
Niigata 46,000 59,000

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