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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Mt Myoko All Mountain Pass

2019/20 Ski Pass

This year for the first time the Mt Myoko All Mountain Pass will offer access to all 4 major resorts.

  • Akakura Onsen Ski Resort
  • Akakura Kanko Ski resort
  • Ikenotaira Onsen Ski resort
  • Suginohara Ski Resort
TicketSEPT PriceOCT PriceNOV PriceDEC Price
1Day +Bus6,3006,8006,8007,500
Season Pass63,00069,00074,00078,000

Purchase Mt Myoko All Mountain Pass

To purchase either the 1 day passes or a season pass please fill out the form opposite with your details. Payment is via bank transfer. Details will be sent via e-mail.

We will also need a passport size photo from you for the season ticket. This can be sent digitally via email.


Notes & Conditions

Period of validity differs for each resort:
Suginohara Ski Resort: Dec 22nd – March 31st
Ikenotaira Ski Resort: Dec 15th – March 31st
Akakura Kanko Resort: Dec 14th – March 24th
Akakura Onsen Ski Resort: Dec 14th – March 24th

※Not valid for night/early morning skiing.
※Pass will be revoked for abuse. forgery or violation of ski area.
※No refund is available after purchase or due to loss of ticket.
※No refund due to bad weather conditions, slope and snow condition.

Loss of pass

If you should lose your pass we can issue a new one for a fee of ¥53,000. Please note that this fee is not decided by the tourist office and is not with in our control. 

Please take care to keep your season ticket in a safe and secure place so you do not lose it while skiing.