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Car rental can be a great way to get around Japan and Myoko. Japan has an amazing highway system and great roads making it a perfect place to navigate via car.

Myoko has many buses that can take you to all the popular resort areas and tourist spots but the flexibility of your own vehicle allows you to visit any place at any time. There are also some areas that buses don’t go past that you can only reach by car.

We recommend using Nippon Rent-A-Car. They have hundreds of locations all over the country making it very easy to pick up and drop of your vehicle. They also have a huge selection of vehicles, so you can be sure to find something that suits your requirements.

Nippon Rent-A-Car have an office at Nagano Station and also Joetsu Myoko Station. If you are traveling first to Myoko via bullet train, this can be a great place to pick up your car.

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Nippon Rent-A-Car have a full English car rental service that makes it very easy to find and reserve a car as well as get help if you need it. Their cars can also be equipped with ETC cards for convenient highway travel which requires a toll fee. You can also add a navigation system to your car and connect your music device to most vehicles.

  • 850 offices accross Japan
  • Fleet of new cars
  • One-way car rentals
  • English GPS
  • ETC card rental option

Winter Car Rentals


If you are planning to rent a car during winter in Myoko it is very important that you follow this information.

You will need a car equipped with snow tyres. This is not optional but a total necessity. You must have winter tyres on your rental car. If not, you will find you are unable to drive in Myoko and you may even have a dangerous accident.

Snow tyres are an optional extra when booking your car. If you are collecting your car from Narita/Tokyo and other areas except those mentioned below it will cost 2,160 yen per day or 3,240yen depending on car class.

If you are collecting your car from a snowy area such as as Niigata, Nagano, Tohoku, Hokkaido etc the snow tyres are free of charge in the winter season.

We also highly recommend a 4WD car during winter. In some cases, a 2WD is okay but if you are staying in Akakura area as most people are a 4WD is highly recommended.

There is an additional charge of 1,650yen per day for 4WD. 4WD and snow tyres are limited so please be sure to book in advance.

This a basic price guide of the starting costs of each class of vehicle. Please head to the Nippon Rent-A-Car website for full prices and options. With-in each class of vehicle there are many sub-classes and optional extras for each vehicle.

All cars come equipped with an ETC card reader for the highway and GPS.

For Chinese please reserve HERE
For Korean please reserve HERE

Please also note that during peak seasons the prices increase slightly.
The peak seasons are:
Japanese golden week holiday from end of April – beginning of May,
July – August and the New Year period.

Class 24hrs
Standard From 8,470 yen
Luxury From 29,260 yen
Stationwagon & SUV From 16,940 yen
Hybrid From 10,780 yen
Minivan From 13,640 yen

COUPON CODE: 1rv83Qvy67

Please copy and paste this code into the available box BEFORE you click the reserve button.

See the picture opposite. This will apply a 5% discount to your reservation.

car rental coupon
Nagano Station Pick Up

Exit through the east exit. Turn left and walk up the road. You will see Nippon Rent-A-Car soon on the right.

Joetsu Myoko Station Pick Up

Exit through the west exit. You will see Nippon Rent-A-Car directly in-front of you.

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