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SushiYoshi Featured

Food Blog – Sushiyoshi

Sushiyoshi has a beautiful atmosphere, kind of like you would image a traditional sushi restaurant of the past would have.

Food Blog – Furusato

Furusato is a delicious local restaurant that serves a variety of traditional dishes such as ramen and set meals.

Mochiya Cake Shop

This famous local cake shop is called "Mochiya Confectionery".
Yabu Soba

Food Blog – Yabu Soba

We visited the long-established (61 years ago) and famous soba restaurant “Kirishita Soba Yabu” in Myoko Kogen.
Powder Magazine

Powder Magazine article

In the winter of 2019/20 we were visited by Powder Magazine.
mountain bike trail

Mountain bike trail building

Building the new downhill mountain bike trail in Ikenotaira.

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