Mountain bike trail building


Exciting things are happening in the Ikenotaira Onsen area of Myoko. Go Myoko Adventures along with a group of volunteers have started to build Myoko’s first downhill mountain bike course. The new trail has been mapped out and will run through the forest area along side Ikenotaira ski resort. At the end of September the first parts of the trail were cut.

Future Mountain Bike Trails

If you are a keen mountain biker and would like to get involved with the trail building, you can follow Myoko Mountain Bike Club on Facebook

mountain bike trail

All volunteers are greatly appreciated. Hopefully next year we will see the opening of Myoko’s first downhill course!

October Update

At the end of October we had the first test run of the new course which is currently about 60% complete. The course is around 3km in length and offers some great variation through out the trail. There are also plans to add various features so the course appeals to all levels of riders.

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