Mochiya Cake Shop


About Mochiya

This famous local cake shop is called “Mochiya Confectionery”. When it was founded, it was a shop that sold mochi (a Japanese style cake made from pounded rice) and other Japanese confectionery. However, as time went by the shop continued to evolve and not only produce Japanese sweets, but also Western style sweets and cakes. 

Mochiya Cake Shop

Mochiya when founded specialised solely in Japanese sweets called wagashi (和菓子) which were made by the 1st generation owner. Now in the second generation, western cakes called yogashi (洋菓子) are also made. So Mochiya is a unique cake store that has two generations of baker that specialise in both styles of cake.

The showcase inside the store is lined with beautiful cakes reminiscent of jewellery boxes, and the sweets inside the store make you feel as if you are in a fairy tale.

Chiffon Cake 

One of their most popular cakes is the rice flour butter chiffon cake which is baked using Koshihikari rice flour grown locally in Niigata, and fermented butter also from Niigata Prefecture. It is one of the signature items of Mochiya. It has a buttery flavour with a gentle sweetness, and a chewy light fluffy texture. The cake is so light it is as if it were almost made from air.

Myoko Sable

One of their most popular cakes is the rice flour butter chiffon cake which is baked using Koshihikari rice flour grown “Myoko Sable” is a rice flour hard biscuit that is a popular present purchased as a souvenir of Myoko. The crispy sable is in the shape of Mt. Myoko which makes it a perfect present to take home to friends and relatives as a fun and delicious present from Myoko Kogen.

Shu Creams

There is no doubt that the shu creams (cream puffs) at the shop are delicious! I think that this might be the most popular item. The shu cream made at Mochiya is different to most others you will find. Most shu creams are obviously filled with basic cream. The Mochiya shu cream is filled with a homemade custard cream, making it pretty different and much more delicious than any other you might find. At only 140yen you should definitely give these a try.

Shu Creams

The store is like a treasure chest full of delicious sweets!

Both Japanese and Western sweets are available, so it’s a shop that is irresistible to those with a sweet tooth. The fact that Mochiya has thrived for 61 years is evidence enough that there are plenty of fans of this small cake shop at the base of Mt Myoko. Be sure to check out the croissants on Friday and Saturday! These delicious items are only made twice a week and a perfect weekend breakfast treat. 

You can find Mochiya in the Myoko Onsen area of Myoko. Its in the same area as the hospital and main post office.

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