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About Furusato

Furusato is situated in front of Myoko Kogen sports park. The atmosphere of the shop is that of a cosy local hometown small restaurant where all the locals eat. The show piece of Furusato is their large collection of signatures from all the famous athletes and coaches that have eaten there. If you are able to speak some Japanese, the owners are more than happy to chat about their proud collection.

When asked about their recommended dishes, they suggested “Ankake Ramen” and the “Daily Lunch”. Ankake ramen is ramen noodles with a generous topping of vegetables and meat in a thick soup. This is the first time I have actually tried this ramen and it was seriously delicious. If you add some vinegar to the soup it pushes this ramen to another level! The vegetables are beautifully cooked and still have a crunch to them. The soup is also very different to a more traditional ramen. 

Today’s daily lunch is pork cutlet. The pork cutlet is crispy with a nice soft chewy texture and is the centre piece of the set meal. Eggplant, omelette, and a lot of cabbage serve as side dishes to the main pork cutlet. 

Daily lunch – pork cutlet set

This ramen smells delicious. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the large nameko mushrooms and the slice of chashu meat. The pork chashu has been cooked until tender. It is well seasoned with sweet and spicy sauce, and the meat melts in your mouth. This is some of the best chashu I have eaten in any ramen restaurant and immediately I think that one slice is not enough of this delicious meat. I think that their chashu ramen which has 5 slices of this meat must be amazing and is definitely the dish I will order next time I come.

Furusato is located next to Myoko sports park. They are open between 12 and 2PM. If you call in advance and book they can also open for dinner.

If you need a taxi to get here you can use the local Kogen Taxi company

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