Popular Autumn Spots

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Koya Pond (Mt Hiuchi)

Autumn is a stunning season in Myoko. There are many great places to see the spectacular leaves. Here are some of the most popular places around Myoko to experience this amazing season.

Koya Pond (Mt Hiuchi)

Koya Pond (Mt Hiuchi)
This where autumn begins in Myoko. The leaves start changing at the top of the mountain and then gradually come down to the bottom. Koya pond is located near the peak of Mt Hiuchi so you will have to hike up the mountain to see it. The climb is worth the effort as this area is breathtaking in autumn and is a sight you will never forget.


sasagamine autumn
Sasagamine is the second area that autumn hits in Myoko. Located high up the mountain about a 30min drive or bus ride from Myoko village area this area starts to change colour around the first week of October. There are many trails to walk around Sasagamine which makes it a great place to relax and fully experience autumn in Myoko.

Naena Falls

naena autumnOne of the most popular tourist spots in Myoko, Naena waterfall is spectacular all year round. In autumn the waterfall is framed by gorgeous yellow and oranges making this an amazing place for photography. This easily accessible spot is a must see.

Imori Pond

Being at the base of Mt Myoko Imori pond in Ikenotaira experiences autumn around mid/late October. Imori pond is one of the most famous photo spots in Myoko and the autumn colours make it even more beautiful. Its a great place to take a walk on a cool autumn day. You can then try the all you can eat tempura buffet while taking in this spectacular view.

Suginohara gondola/Sky cable gondola

suginohara autumnThere are three gondolas to ride in autumn. Suginohara ski resort gondola, Akakura Kanko sky cable and Lotte Arai resort gondola. They take people up the mountain to see the leaves and also get a great view of the village and surrounding scenery below. Suginohara & Kanko areas have trails you can walk and on a clear autumn day all of these areas are great to experience the autumn leaves in Myoko. We recommend riding all three gondolas!

Other places to visit


Sasagamine is located deep in the Myoko mountain range and is a part of Myoko

Imori Pond

Imori Pond

Imori pond is one of the most scenic spots in Myoko Kogen. It is famous

kanzuri peppers

Kanzuri Factory

Kanzuri is a special seasoning paste made from fermented red peppers. Visit the famous factory all year round and learn about this famous local spice.

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