naena waterfall

Naena Waterfall

About Naena Waterfall

Naena Waterfall is an impressive 55m waterfall and is part of the Myoko-Togakushi renzan National Park as well as one of Japan’s Top 100 Waterfalls. It is framed by a steep basalt wall on each side and the thundering water crashes on to the large boulders below. This thundering sounds gives the waterfall its nickname “earthquake waterfall”

The waterfall is a 15 minute walk from the carpark area. The walk is not difficult and is level with a gentle incline for most of the way. When the ground is wet it can be slippery so you should go in suitable footwear and mind your step.

Naena Waterfall in spring

In spring the snow melt from the mountain flows down and causes the volume of water to increase dramatically. The amount of water that comes down at this time is truly impressive. The thundering noise of the water and the spray from the waterfall is almost frightening as you cross the bridge in front of it.

After the snow has melted and before the greenery returns the waterfall looks very bleak and barren, coupled with the volume of water in this season, the waterfall looks and feels very imposing. It is a great season to visit as you an truly experience the thundering sound that gives the waterfall its nickname.

Naena waterfall in spring
Naena waterfall in spring

Naena Waterfall in summer

In the summer months, everything is lush and green, the water is calmer and you can climb over the large boulders in the river bed. The area is a great place to visit in the summer heat. The spray from the waterfall is refreshing and the area around the waterfall is a lot cooler. It is the prefect place to relax and refresh if the humidity and heat of the Japanese summer is getting to you.

naena waterfall
naena waterfall

Naena Waterfall in autumn

Autumn is a beautiful season as the leaves start to turn shades of red, yellow and orange. Autumn would probably be the most beautiful season to visit Naena waterfall. All of the trees that sit a top of the waterfall change their colours and it makes a spectacular sight. The area can get busy in this season as many visitors head to the waterfall during the peak koyo (autumn leaves) season.

naena autumn
The autumn colours are stunning.

Naena Waterfall in winter

In winter the area isn’t officially open. As a result the road leading to the car park isn’t cleared so the whole area is buried under snow. However when the weather is good it is possible to head to the area with a guide on snowshoe. You can find more info about our winter tour here.

If you are an experienced snowshoer you could make the trip yourself. If you choose to do so you should note that the bridges and stairs will likely be blocked with snow, making them possibly impassable and definitely dangerous to cross. For this reason we suggest all visitors use a local guide who can choose the best conditions to head to the area and also know the risks involved.

naena waterfall
Beautiful in winter but difficult to reach.


The restaurants are found above the car park area before you begin your walk to the waterfall. The main restaurant (Naena taki restaurant) serves a variety of food. Their most popular dish is called nagashi somen. This is a thin type of noodle that you place at the top of a water spout and the noodles then flow down a pipe with the water and you catch them with your chop sticks. They also have a variety of tempura and fish dishes.

nagashi somen
Nagashi somen – adding noodles to the running water.

Cafe Grand sells amazing ice cream. There are a variety of toppings that you can help yourself to. They also offer coffee and other drinks. I always make sure to get a soft cream after walking back from the waterfall. On a summer day, it’s great to sit in the shade and try out all the different flavour toppings.

Getting there

In 2016, a new road was constructed that now leads directly to the carpark area. If you have your own transport it very easy to reach and is sign posted from Suginosawa. If you plan to head there by bus then please refer to the times below. ‎

CLICK HERE for the local bus times.

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