Kimi no I

Kimi no I

Kimi no I, a famous local brewery

Kimi no I

Kimi no I is a great place to visit for lovers of Japanese sake and for those who enjoy traditional Japanese culture.

Kimi no I sake brewery has over many years been the recipient of multiple gold awards at various national sake competitions. The brewery was founded in 1842 and sake has been brewed in this current building since 1904! The brewery is located in the Arai area of Myoko on the Hokkoku Kaido Highway – a historically very important road where rice, salt, seafood, and Sado gold were transported in the Edo Period. The heavy snowfall in the area creates natural refrigerating conditions, while the ancient, sacred Mt. Myoko provides clean underground water – making Arai an ideal location for brewing sake.

You can visit our guided tours page to find a guided tour of Kimi no I.

A general brewery tour is free of charge but please note that the tour is usually conducted in Japanese. To arrange a tour please ask your lodge to help you contact them using the phone number listed below. Tours can be arranged for any time, but some days may not be possible depending on the schedule of the brewery. At the end of the tour, you will be able to sample a variety of their different sake.

Kimi no I

Kimi no I is located in the Arai area of Myoko City. It is the heavy snowfall and cold environment that helps in the production of high-quality sake. The cold, clean air and water all help to grow high-quality rice that is the real source of the saké.

By visiting the brewery, you can get a special insight into the process of making this award-winning sake. Kimi no I uses a traditional and labour-intensive method of making their sake called yamahai ijikomi. This method has been handed down over generations and is what gives the saké brewed this way its rich and delicious flavour.

Contact Details
Please ask you lodge to call to arrange the tour date and time.
Phone (Japanese): 0255-72-3136

The brewery is a 10-minute walk from Arai train station.

You can find train timetables here.

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