Takada Park Cherry Blossoms

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Takada Park cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossom Festival April 1st – 15th

As Winter draws to a close and Spring approaches, with the warming weather the cherry trees start to come to life.

From the 1st of April to the 15th the 4,000 cherry blossoms will be in full bloom in Takada park. Takada park is one the most famous places in Japan to experience the blossoms at night. In the Evening the park is lit up and the cherry blossoms look even more spectacular.

Takada Park cherry blossoms at night
The cherry blossoms are stunning at night.

For the Japanese, blossom viewing is also about enjoying great food! You will find many stores around the park selling all kinds of food from Tako Yaki, Kebabs, crepes and okonomiyaki.

The park area is distinctly split in half by the main road that runs through it. On weekends this road is closed off during the festival. On one side of the road you will find Takada Castle and the moat that runs around it. Here the castle and cherry blossoms reflect spectacularly in the moats waters. On the other side of the park you will find the Sakura Road. An area which is lit up at night with pink and blue lights. The road of cherry trees over-hang the whole path so there is a ceiling of pink blossoms all above you as you stroll along this spectacular path.

Takada Park cherry blossoms
Sakura Road

During the 2 weeks of the cherry blossom festival the area is very busy, especially in the evening. The best way to get to the park is either by train to Takada station then walk, or take the special bus below from Myoko to Takada Park.

Click here for train times to Joetsu


This service runs only for the 2 weeks of the festival, from April 1st – 15th.
This service allows you roughly 1hr 20min to view the blossoms before returning.
Please make note of the bus departure point from Takada Park.

Adult – 2,000 Yen
Child – 1,000 Yen (Child is under 12)

You need to book the shuttle in advance. You can do this by purchasing a ticket from the front desk of your hotel or the tourist office.

Myoko Kogen Tourist Office18:00
Takahashi Ryokan18:04
Ikenotaira Landmark Cafe18:12
Akakura Kanko Resort18:15
Akakura Onsen Tourist Office18:17
Myoko Kogen22:00
Tsubame Onsen18:20
Seki Onsen Bus Stop18:25
Kyukamura Myoko18:27
Kyukamura Myoko21:50
Tsubame Onsen22:00
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