This year’s festival has been cancelled.

The Sougensai Festival is a famous local event held each year in mid-May at Imori Pond. The festival features various local food stalls providing guests the opportunity to sample the best local foods and sweets.

sougensai festival sougensai festival sougensai festival

There are several events held throughout the day such as a brass band performance, music concert, and taiko drumming. There is also a large raffle at the end of the event with some great prizes on offer. In the evening local children wearing tradition festival robes carry flames to light the fire in the center of the festival grounds.

sougensai festival sougensai festival sougensai festival

The highlight of the event, and what the event is famous for is the large Japanese kanji character that is burnt onto the face of the mountain. Once the kanji is lit an impressive firework display starts. The fireworks reflect in the waters of Imori Pond which makes it even more spectacular and a great chance to take some impressive photos.


The event is held in the area surrounding the visitor center at Imori Pond. If coming by car its best to park at Landmark and walk up. There are also buses available to the festival area.