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Friday, October 30, 2020
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This trail is very popular in spring when the skunk cabbages bloom in the wetland areas. Yumemidaira which means dream, view and flat land is covered with blooming skunk cabbages with Mt Mitahara in the background. You start this trail from the carpark of the rest house hut and first cross Sasagamine dam and Lake Otomi. After walking across the impressive dam you will climb a steep stairway that is probably the difficult part of this trail. After the stairs you will be in the forest and from here the trail is mostly flat and is suitable for all levels of fitness.

There are some interesting points of interest on this trail besides the main attraction of Yumemidaira. First you will come across Inari Shrine which is a small woodland shrine nestled between large Japanese oak trees. On the return from Yumemidaira you will also pass Shobu Pond which is a small wetland area that is full of skunk cabbages in spring. Zumi tunnel is a narrow path way lined with crab apples that you will need to crouch in order to pass through.

There is also a larger looped course that you can see on the map below. You will need to be careful to turn at the correct point to head to Yumemidaira otherwise you might end up doing the much longer trail.

Yumemidaira (Sasagamine)
Shobu Pond
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A great trail for a half day walk that is suitable for all levels. The trail starts from Sasagamine Green House which is also a great place for lunch after you finish. From there you will walk down the road and then through the forest. Sennin Pond is a great scenic spot in spring and autumn. If you visit on a good day the reflections in the pond are amazing.

Sennin Pond