The cherry blossoms at Matsugamine provide an amazing photo opportunity. The trees line the road leading up to and past the country club. The place everybody likes to stop however is on the bridge that crosses over the pond and looks in to the golf club. On a clear day, Mt Myoko makes up the background and the trees and bright red bridge reflect in the clear water. It’s an amazingly scenic photo spot. Matsugamine is an area for taking a few photos and then moving on. There isnt really anywhere to park your car and to walk. It’s different to the many parks that have cherry blossoms as you can put down a blanket and relax under the trees. The trees all line the road, so you can take a drive down the road and stop to take a few photos.

Check out our photos for some of the amazing photos you can snap at this spot.

matsugamine cherry blossoms
Stunning blossoms at Matsugamine Country Club.

matsugamine cherry blossomsmatsugamine cherry blossoms