Apallusion 2020

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July 1st – November 15th 6pm-11pm

Entry is FREE for all visitors.

The Apa Resort Apallusion is an impressive outdoor illumination display. The display changes each year so there is always something new for a returning visitor to see. This year the course and display has changed again from the previous year. The show has been scaled down and moved to a new area just below the hotel. The new area is flat which makes it very accessible for families, push chairs and wheel chairs etc. 

Free entry for all visitors

The illumination show is centred around the light mapping projection on the chapel roof. The musical light display starts every one and a half minutes so you are never waiting long for the next show. The surrounding area features the animals from last years show and LED lights on the ground and tress. Its a beautiful area to walk around and you should expect to spend maybe 30-40min at the show.


This year there is no free bus from Sekiyama train station to the resort. This means the only to get there is either by car or taxi. You can ask your hotel to contact Kogen Taxi to arrange transport to Apa Resort.

Other places to visit
daidohara flower fields

Daidohara Flower Fields

Daidohara flower fields come into bloom at the beginning of May each year. The fields are canola (rapeseed) flowers.


Tangram Hotel & Resort

During the green season you can enjoy the amazing flowers and scenery at Tangram. There are beautiful lavender fields you can walk around. There are also a variety of activities.

kanzuri peppers

Kanzuri Factory

Kanzuri is a special seasoning paste made from fermented red peppers. Visit the famous factory all year round and learn about this famous local spice.

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