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June 22nd – August 31st 2019 6pm-11pm
September 1st – November 17th 2019 5pm-10pm

Entry is FREE for foreign visitors.

The Apa Resort Apallusion is an impressive outdoor illumination display. The display changes each year so there is always something new for a returning visitor to see. This year the course and display has changed again from the previous year. The main feature this year is the final area which combines projection mapping a light display on the hillside along with an impressive aurora light show.

A few points to note is that the use of tripods for taking pictures is strictly limited to the flat areas. The area is hilly but fully paved so push chairs etc can easily navigate the show area.

This years show is split in to 3 main areas.

First is the photogenic night safari.
This area features various animals in a woodland setting .

Second is the romantic flower garden.


Finally is the ground projection and aurora light show.


This year there is no free bus from Sekiyama train station to the resort. This mean the only to get there is either by car or taxi. You can ask your hotel to contact Kogen Taxi to arrange transport to Apa Resort.

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