January 10th – February 28th
Every Thursday & Friday
Pick up: 2:00PM   Return: 7:30PM

On this unique tour you will have the oppurtunity to experince a wide variety of traditional Japanese culture. At the end of the tour you will also be able to enjoy a delicious Japanese dinner at Ryotei Ukiyo. This is a great chance to take an afternoon off from the slopes and enjoy a wonderful Japanese experience with friends and family.

What is a Ryotei?

A ryotei is a traditional form of high-class Japanese restaurant that, in various cities with a long history, represents the region’s food culture. However, it is not simply about expensive dining. Rather, being a ryotei means having a sophisticated facility that meets certain requirements and standards, such as traditional techniques and seasonal variations in cooking, tatami rooms that can accommodate proper Japanese-style parties, a stage that can host Noh, Kyogen as well as traditional dancing and a Japanese garden that shows the transitions of the seasons. Few ryotei now survive outside Kyoto and Tokyo, making them highly precious. The ryotei you will visit is listed as a Japanese national treasure!

Tour Part One

For the first part of the tour you will head to a traditional working Buddhist temple. At the temple you will have the choice to either receive a blessing or you can attempt some Buddhist meditation. This is an amazing experience as the priest uses a wooden stick to correct your posture errors. You can attempt the meditation for up to 45 min. If you are unable to make the full length you can quietly leave the meditation area at any time. This is the same experience that many Japanese come to this temple on a weekend to take part in. The temple itself is also amazingly beautiful and is a great place for some photos.

Tour Part Two

After the temple experience you will head to the Ryotei to try your hand at making traditional Japanese confectionary. Using sweet bean paste as the centre you will shape the coloured mochi over it making various shapes.  Of course, you will also get to try the sweets you make!

You will also arrange your own appetizer that will be served to you when you have your meal. Using the ingredients prepared for you your challenge is to arrange them in the most visually pleasing way you can imagine onto the serving plate provided.

Tour Part Three

The ryotei (traditional restaurant) is a historically important site and there for carries a lot of history under its roof. You will be given a short tour of the ryotei and the different rooms will be explained to you (dependant on availability of translator). You will enjoy a delicious traditional Japanese dinner accompanied by a free drink. A ryotei is famous for its food so you can expect to experience some of the best seasonal Japanese food for your dinner.

UKIYO dinner
UKIYO dinner service

Tour Price

Adults: 14,800円
Children (under 13): Please enquire
Family (2 adults+2 children): Please enquire
other family rates are available please send an enquiry for price.

5 people are required for the tour to operate. Please use the form below to enquiry about availability.

Tour Time Guide

Pick Up: 14:00
Temple Experience: 15:00 – 16:15
Ukiyo Experience & Dinner: 16:35 – 18:30
Arrive Akakura: 19:30

Please use the form below to make a tour enquiry. Please try to book 3 days in advance.
Payment for the tour is due in advance to confirm the booking. Payment is via PayPal.

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If you cancel up to a day before the tour the full amount will be refunded to you.
If you cancel on the day of the tour or if you dont turn up your tour fee will not be refunded as the food, bus etc would have already been prepared for you.