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Suginohara Ski Resort

Average user ratingMyoko Suginohara ski resort has two zones, the Suginohara Zone and the Mitahara Zone. The resort also has the longest run in...

Ikenotaira Onsen Ski Resort

Average user ratingIkenotaira Onsen Ski Resort is split in to two areas. The central area has a long wide slope. The bottom half of...


Average user ratingLocated in Niigata Prefecture, Myoko lies just one hour 46 minutes from Tokyo by Bullet Train and two hours from Niigata Airport....

Seki Onsen Ski Resort

Average user ratingSeki Onsen is a small ski resort with just 2 lifts that is famous for having some the best snow in the...

Madarao Mountain Resort

Average user ratingMadarao Kogen sits on the border of Niigata and Nagano prefectures. Half of it falls with in Iiyama city in Nagano while...
Tangram ski circus

Tangram Ski Circus

Average user ratingTangram is a great family resort and is also great for beginners and intermediate skiers and snowboarders. The resort is reasonably small...
Myoko Ski Park

Myoko Ski Park Resort

Average user ratingMyoko Ski Park is a small resort with 2 courses. It is suited to beginners and familes. The slightly more advanced course...

Kyukamura Myoko RunRun

Average user ratingKyukamura Myoko RunRun is a very small resort. It is a single small slope that is most suited for beginners and families...

Naena waterfall

Winter 2017 Check out how awesome Naena waterfall looks from above during the winter.