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Koya Pond (Mt Hiuchi)

Popular Autumn Spots

Autumn is a stunning season in Myoko. There are many great places to see the spectacular leaves. Here are some of the most popular...
Sunflower & Kochia Land

Sunflowers & Kochia Land

Entry is free to foreign visitors. You must show your passport. APA Resort Joetsu Myoko will...

Apallusion 2019

APALLUSION 2019 June 22nd – August 31st 2019 6pm-11pmSeptember 1st – November 17th 2019 5pm-10pm Entry is FREE for foreign visitors. The Apa Resort...

Naena Waterfall winter tour

We are working on setting this tour up for this coming season 2019/20. Please check back here at the end of...
naena waterfall

Naena Waterfall

Naena Waterfall is an impressive 55m waterfall. It is framed by a steep basalt wall on each side and the thundering...


Sasagamine is located deep in the Myoko mountain range and is a part of Myoko Togakushi Renzan National Park....
Imori Pond

Imori Pond

Imori pond is one of the most scenic spots in Myoko Kogen. It is famous for the mirror-like water...
Otaki waterfall

Otaki Waterfall

Otaki is a stunning double waterfall that is found way off the beaten track deep in the Arai area of Myoko...
Myoko Sky Cable

Myoko Kogen Sky Cable

The Myoko Sky Cable is the Akakura Kanko Resort gondola which takes you half way up Mt Myoko for some beautiful...
daidohara flower fields

Daidohara Flower Fields

Daidohara flower fields come into bloom at the beginning of May each year. The fields are canola (rapeseed) flowers. While canola fields...