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Sasagamine Snowshoe


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Myoko NO1 !

This year Myoko stepped up its game even more and totally blew away every other resort in Japan.   When it comes to snow Myoko is...
Powder Recon

Powder Recon

The first western guiding company established in Myoko, Powder Recon have been operating in Japan providing guiding services for well over a decade. Powder Recon’s...


In-Field are the only fully licensed backcountry tour guides in Myoko. This means you are guaranteed to be guided by a licensed professional who...
dancing snow

Dancing Snow

You don’t have to be an expert skier to enjoy your backcountry adventure with Dancing Snow. Their guides can cater your experience to your...
itadaki tours

Itadaki Tours

Itadaki Tours strive to provide you with the most memorable snow experience you have ever had. They want to share the joy and excitement...

Myoko Snowsports

Myoko Snowsports are the biggest snowsports school in the Myoko area. They are also the official snowsports school for Lotte Arai Resort. They offer...
yodel snow school

Yodel Snow School

Yodel snow school was established in 1960 and is the oldest snow school in Myoko. They offer professional snowboard and ski training as well...

Akakura Onsen Ski Resort

Average user ratingAkakura Onsen Ski Resort is a huge resort made up of 3 main areas, Yodel, Kumado and Ginrei. There are plenty of...

Akakura Kanko Resort

Average user ratingAkakura Kanko Resort (also known as ‘Akakan’) was one of the first European-style ski resorts in Japan. The resort was established in...