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APA Resort Joetsu Myoko will open the “Sunflower Kochia Kingdom” for the first time from the 2019 season, produced by Kazuyuki Ishihara, a landscape artist who was praised by Queen Elizabeth as a “green magician”. In the vast area of approximately 100,000 square meters overlooking Mt Myoko you can enjoy the stunning photo spots colored by “sunflowers” and “Kochia”.

Sunflower & Kochia Land

First Season

8/10 Sat ~ 8/31 Sat (10:00~18:00)

In full bloom under the summer sun there are around one million sunflowers of 27 different varieties. Among these varieties are several rare types. You can enjoy this stunning sight under the blue skies of summer.


Second Season

8/10 Sat ~ 9/1 Sun  (10:00~17:00)

Japan’s largest kochia display with over 150,000 plants. A bright red carpet spreading all the landscape! From late September to early October, the gradation of green and red that changes every day is stunning to witness.

Area map of Sunflower & Kochi Kingdom.

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Sunflower & Kochia Land
Sunflower & Kochia Land
Sunflower & Kochia Land
Sunflower & Kochia Land


Please note that there are no buses that go regularly to Apa resort and this year the resort does not have the free shuttle bus from Sekiyama train station. If you don’t have a car the only way to get here is via taxi. For info on Kogen Taxi please check our page here. You may need to ask your hotel to assist you in booking a taxi if you dont speak Japanese.

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