Shinetsu Trail Running Race

Shinetsu Trail Running Race

This weekend saw the 9th annual Shinetsu Trail Running race. This year there was a brand new 100-mile course as well as the already established 110km course. However, the day before the race was due to take part the courses were shortened to half of their original distance so competitors could finish before the incoming typhoon hit the area.

The 100-mile race got underway Saturday evening at 7:30pm and saw the fastest competitors finishing around 12 hours later the following morning. The 100km race started Sunday morning at 5:30am with runners finishing between 5-9 hours later.

Thousands headed to Myoko to take part in this famous ultra-marathon, which saw runners not only from japan but all over the world taking part. All hotels were fully booked out for the 3 day weekend.

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