42nd Sougensai Festival

This year is the 42nd Sougensai festival. This is an annual festival held every May in Myoko Kogen in Ikenotaira next to Imori Pond.

This is one of the largest annual festivals that is held in Myoko Kogen. The festival is famous for the large kanji 艸 which is burnt on the mountain. This can be seen from where the festival is held near imori pond and looks truly spectacular. This is then followed by an impressive firework display.

There are a large number of food stalls selling a variety of different snacks and meals. There are also some tours and events held throughout the day. Check the schedule below to see what’s happening this year.


Date:May 13th (Saturday) 10:00 – 21:00

Place:Ikenotaira, Imori Pond

10:00~ Nature guided tour

11:00~ Food Village opens

14:00~ Junior High School brass band performance

14:45~ Feel So Good!Concert

15:30~ Takagi Ikuno Concert

16:00~ Myoko Togakushi National Park memorial ceremony

17:00~ Opening ceremony

17:40~ Taiko drum performance

18:00~ Shinto Priest (bringing the fire)

19:00~ Burning Kanji on Mt Myoko・Fireworks

19:30~ Lottery  ※Many prizes available

21:00  Close

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