These are the current open and close dates for the Myoko area ski resorts.

Please note that these dates may change due to weather conditions.

Akakura OnsenDecember 9th 2017 – April 8th 2018
Akakura KankoDecember 15th 2017 – May 6th 2018
Ikenotaira OnsenDecember 16th 2017 – April 1st 2018
SuginoharaDecember 23rd 2017 – April 1st 2018
Lotte Arai ResortDecember 16th 2017 – May 6th 2018
Seki OnsenDecember 23rd 2017 – May 6th 2018
TangramDecember 16th 2017 – April 1st 2018
MadaraoDecember 16th 2017 – April 1st 2018
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