Daily January 1st – February 29th
Adults: 4,000yen Children: 2,000yen U6: FREE

Booking not required

This is an all day ticket that allows you to get on & off the bus at different places on the route. This is great for exploring different areas all on the same day. You pay in cash on the bus. Credit cards can not be used.

Arai Road Station

A great place for lunch and to buy presents for friends and family. There are numerous restaurants here and omiyage (gift) shops which sell Japanese snacks and traditional items.

Takada Station

Ryotei Ukiyo

Many restaurants, traditional stores and cultural areas can be found around the main area outside Takada station. You can  experience Japanese tea making and calligraphy in some of the stores. There is much to explore in this area of Joetsu.

Umigatari Aquarium

beluga whales
Beluga whales.

The best aquarium in Niigata and one of the few places in Japan where you can see Beluga whales and great numbers of Magellanic penguins.

10:00Akakura Onsen
10:02Akakura Kanko Resort
10:04Hotel Windsor
10:15Myoko Bus Terminal
10:50Lotte Arai Resort
11:00Arai Road Station
11:15Joetsu Myoko Station
11:25Takada Station
11:40Umigatari Aquarium
11:45Naoetsu Station
12:45Arai Road Station
13:00Joetsu Myoko Station
13:10Takada Station
13:30Naoetsu Station
13:35Umigatari Aquarium
15:00Umigatari Aquarium
15:05Naoetsu Station
15:25Takada Station
15:35Joetsu Myoko Station
16:05Lotte Arai Resort
16:40Myoko Bus Terminal
16:51Hotel Windsor
16:53Akakura Kanko Resort
16:55Akakura Onsen