January Fire Festivals

In January of each year there are many large and small local fire festivals.

These traditional festivals are to wish for good health and good fortune in the coming year. All the local areas in Myoko will have small fire festivals attended by local residents. There are also some larger festivals which include firework displays and food/drink stalls.

Suginohara Dynamite Carnival

January 18th (Saturday)

There is a free bus to take you from Akakura to Suginohara ski resort for the festival. The bus picks people up at Akakura Onsen, Shin Akakura, Ikenotaira, and Myoko Onsen. The bus will be running continuously from 5:30 PM. A bus should be by to pick people up roughly every 20min. The schedule for the event is as follows.

  • 11:30 – 20:30 food stalls open
  • 18:30 Prayer to Shinto god
  • 19:00 Lighting the fires
  • 19:30 Raffle
  • 20:00 Firework display

Madarao Fire Festival Dondoyaki

January 11th (Saturday)

Held each year at Madarao ski resort. If you are attending the festival from Akakura you will need to arrange transport.

20:30 Free Japanese sake service
21:00 Firework display
21:05 Carrying torch
21:30 Dondoyaki

madarao firefestival madarao firefestival