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Situated at Ikenotaira Onsen Ski Resort and run by Go Myoko Adventures this exciting new downhill mountain biking trail will open in the summer of 2021. The only course of its kind in Niigata prefecture and one of only a handful in the whole of Japan, this course is an exciting addition to green season activities in Myoko.


July – November 2021

Open Times

8:30AM – 4:30PM (Open every day through out the season)
*course may close due to weather conditions for safety and for trail maintenance.

myoko mountain biking

The Trail

Starting at the middle ski lift in the centre of Ikenotaira Onsen Ski Resort you will first descend over the width of the ski field before diving into the forest that runs parallel to the resort. The trail is 2.4km (1.5miles) and you descend approximately 240m from the start to finish.

Course Route
Course Map

The mountain biking course features numerous  curves with banks, jumps and other features. Enough to challenge, and be fun for all levels of rider from beginner to experienced. The mountain biking trail has sections where you can choose your path depending on your level, so you can take the jump or just simply speed past it and maybe try it on your next run.

Ticket Prices

Downhill MTB Skills Check45 minutes ¥1,500
Downhill MTB Truck Uplift Full Day6 hours¥4,000
Downhill MTB Truck Uplift 3 Rides -¥2,000
Downhill MTB Truck Uplift 1 Ride-¥1,000


For beginner riders mountain biking lessons are available from the experienced Go Myoko coaches. You can practicing riding on the beginner area at the bottom of the course and then hit the main trail when you feel ready to try it. 

Group LessonsDurationCost
Group Lesson Half Day (No Bike Rental)2.5 hours¥9,500
Group Lesson Half Day (Bike Rental)2.5 hours¥11,500
Group Lesson Full Day (No Bike Rental)5 hours¥15,000
Group Lesson Full Day (Bike Rental)5 hours¥18,000

Kids LessonsDurationCost
Kids Group Lesson Half Day (Bike Rental)2.5 hours¥9,500
Kids Group Lesson Full Day (Bike Rental)5 hours¥15,000

Private LessonsDurationCost
Private Lesson Half Day (No Bike Rental)2.5 hours¥18,000
Private Lesson Half Day (Bike Rental)2.5 hours¥20,000
Private Lesson Full Day (No Bike Rental)5 hours¥30,000
Private Lesson Full Day (Bike Rental)5 hours¥35,000


Go Myoko offer top of the line mountain bike rentals as well as safety helmets. Adult and child size bikes are available for rental.

Adult full day rental:

Adult half day rental:

Child full day rental:

Child half day rental:

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