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Sushi Restaurant – Sushiyoshi

Found in the Arai area of Myoko Sushiyoshi has a beautiful atmosphere, kind of like you would imagine a traditional sushi restaurant of the past would have. With its low ceilings, traditional wooden structure and beautiful lighting this sushi restaurant is a stunning place to experience. 

The Sushiyoshi genmai (brown rice) set is a Kaiseki lunch menu that many people enjoy. There is a perfect combination of sashimi, tempura, small dishes, seasonal soup and brown rice. Genmai is pretty rare to find in Japanese restaurants. This unprocessed rice has a delicious hearty taste and is very healthy. Since it takes time to prepare, it is recommended that you make a reservation in advance.

A work of art

The chef at Sushiyoshi is a sushi master and as a result the dishes look as amazing as they taste. The stunning colours and dish arrangement make the table look like an artist’s palette. The dishes are carefully prepared with an expert craftmanship that sets the restaurant apart from the normal one plate sushi restaurants many tourists know. The freshly prepared handmade dishes are as delicious as they are beautiful. If you take a counter seat you can also watch the sushi master cutting and preparing the sushi in front of you. 

Original noodles

These original noodles are specially made by Sushiyoshi and are called “Tamamen noodles”. The noodles are made by mixing “kanzuri spice”, “dried seaweed” and “charcoal” with the noodle dough to create three unique flavours. These noodles have a moderate elasticity and a delicious subtle flavour. The beautiful colours alone make them look appetizing.

Watch our Sushiyoshi video

If you get a chance, this is a place I highly recommend many tourists to visit. The experience of a real traditional sushi restaurant in the heart of Japan is a must for not only for tourists but also local residents both foreign and Japanese. 

OPEN: Tuesday – Sunday (Monday closed)

LUNCH: 11:30 – 13:30

DINNER: 17:00 – 22:30

Reservations are recommended.

The restaurant is near to the train station in Arai. For train times please check our timetables around here. Make sure to get off at Arai station.

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