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About Hidanan Restaurant

Hidanan is a popular local Japanese style restaurant that is found in the busy Arai road station in the Arai area of Myoko beside Route 18 on your way to Joetsu City. The area is known as Michi no Eki in Japanese. This popular restaurant is famous for its soba and tempura shrimp. The delicious soba is handmade in the restaurant. It is made from a different type of buckwheat to most other soba found in Japan and many people prefer the taste and texture of the soba made at Hidanan.

Myoko Snow Shrimp

These premium shrimps are grown in the deep-sea water of the Sea of ​​Japan and the underground snow melt water of Myoko Kogen.  No antibiotics or preservatives are used in the raising of these shrimps making them safe and natural as well as delicious. The shrimp are so soft that you can even eat the whole head which normally is not consumed as its too hard. 

These shrimps are used in many of the poplar dishes at Hidanan. For example, the generous tendon (tempura on rice) dish has these large shrimps deliciously deep fried so they are crispy on the outside and beautifully tender on the inside.

Popular Menu

The most popular dish that uses the “Snow Shrimp” is the Snow Shrimp Tenzaru. This is tempura served alongside buckwheat soba noodles. This is a special type of soba different than you find in other areas of Japan. It is an original soba that is native to Myoko. If you have ever eaten soba in other parts of Japan, you may notice the difference. This soba has a slightly chewier texture and a deeper flavour.

Buckwheat Soba

There is a clear difference in the size of the Myoko native soba seeds (top) when compared to tradition soba (bottom). This unique soba is regarded by many as one of the most delicious types of soba. This special soba noodle can only be found in a couple of places in the whole of Myoko city and Hidanan is one of the few restaurants serving this special dish.


You can find Hidanan in the Arai roadside station. Click HERE to visit their restaurant info page on our site. Dogs are welcome at Hidanan restaurant. There are tables placed outside under cover where pet owners can enjoy their meal alongside their four-legged companions.

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