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Bus Information Guide

Ski Resort Services

These services run between all the major resorts.

  • The Mt Myoko Shuttle runs between Akakura, Ikenotaira and Suginohara resorts.
  • There is also a service that runs between Akakura and Madarao and Tangram.
  • Another service goes between  Akakura and Lotte Arai resort.

Local Services

These services run to other areas of Myoko such as the train station, Imori pond, Seki Onsen etc.

  • Akakura Line – Runs to and from the train station and Akakura. It also goes to the hospital.
  • Suginosawa Line – Runs from the train station to Ikenotaira and Suginosawa. It goes to Imori pond in Ikenotaira.
  • Seki / Tsubame Onsen Line – Runs from Sekiyama train station to Seki Onsen and Tsubame Onsen. You will need to catch a train to Sekiyama train station to use this bus.

Joetsu Myoko Train Station Service

This service runs from the new Joetsu Myoko bullet train station and makes stops in Akakura, Ikenotaira and Suginosawa. It stops at all major resort areas in Myoko village, Akakura Onsen, Akakura Kanko, Ikenotaira and Suginohara resort. This is a great service if you are arriving at or departing from the Joetsu Myoko bullet train station

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