2017 Sougensai Festival

Sougensai 2017

Yesterday (May 13th) saw the 42nd Sougensai Festival held in Myoko Kogen Ikenotaira. This year we had beautiful weather and a clear sky which meant we could see the mountain and the fireworks display. There were a good number of food stalls from local restaurants and groups which were selling a variety of great food. The festival started in the morning but it is around 6PM when it properly starts. This year is the Chinese year of the chicken and those who were born in this year are chosen to light the fires in the festival area. After these fires are lit the large kanji on the mountain is set on fire. This is then followed by a firework display.

The past few years have been so cloudy that we couldn’t see either the kanji on the mountain or even the fireworks. This year despite the poor weather the day before and in the morning the day cleared up and by the evening the clouds had disappeared from the mountain. It ended up being the best Sougensai festival of the last 2-3 years.

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